Utilize Our Secure & HIPAA Compliant Options

As we balance the COVID-19 health recommendations with our commitment to patient care, Mendelson Kornblum will offer Telehealth Visits (or video appointments) via  for those whose insurance allows it. works similarly to zoom meetings and is easy to use!

With accessibility in mind, is made extremely simple and easy to use for our patients requiring no downloading.  It is FREE to use and is HIPAA compliant.

Requesting a Telehealth Visit

  • Please call our main number to request a Telehealth Visit and have your insurance information ready, so we can verify if they have qualified you.
  • Our phone number is: 734-542-0200
  • This will be a scheduled appointment with a specific provider at a specific time.
  • Please be available for up to 30 minutes following your scheduled appointment time for our provider to connect with you.
  • Your insurance carrier may require you to begin your visit with verbal authorization.
  • Like usual office visits, any patient deductibles of co-pay will apply.


Mendelson Kornblum Orthopedics makes scheduling your appointment easy.  Schedule online or call us at 855-750-5757

Already a patient?  Find your provider and schedule here as well.

Tips For Your Appointment

  • Consider using headphones and microphone to better hear your provider during your video appointment.
  • Plan to be in a quiet room or a private space with good lighting. Know that your provider will discuss personal health information and depending on the audio settings on your device, others nearby may hear this information if you do not conduct your video appointment alone.
  • Try to arrange for a support person to help you in case you run into any technical issues at the time of your scheduled video appointment. This could be a tech-savvy member of your household. If you don’t have anyone to help, don’t worry! We will do our best to help you connect.