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Mendelson Kornblum powered by Synergy Health Partners provide pain management care for patients with chronic pain, with the goal of restoring quality of life for those suffering from a range of pain circumstances.  Often these acute or chronic pain conditions affect a patient’s mobility and ability to function.  The pain management physicians and physical medicine &  rehabilitation specialists at MKO are experts in the field, and have a significant amount of experience and knowledge regarding pain-relieving techniques and treatments.  Treatment methods include non-invasive, such as injection, or invasive, such as implanting a pain pump. Our dedication to continuously utilizing new procedures ensures that the patient is receiving the best pain care.

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Mendelson Kornblum powered by Synergy Health Partners makes scheduling your appointment a top priority.  You can schedule you appointment online or call us at 855-750-5757.

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Restore Your Quality Of Life

The pain management doctors at Synergy Health Partners first and foremost offer personalized, compassionate care. Dr. Oddo, Dr. Feldman, Dr. Jason Mulawa, Dr. Eduardo Icaza, and Dr. Hall each have extensive training in pain intervention and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Treatment methods vary based on each patient’s condition, the cause, and the extent of the pain. They offer effective techniques that will help alleviate acute/chronic pain and restore quality of life in the following areas:

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Pain Management Resources

For more information on pain-related conditions and treatments, go to patient education or select a topic from the list below.  Articles are written and provided by American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.  As such, their content should be trusted, but also remember that no online reading can take the place of an in-depth question and answer session with your doctor.  Please do not treat this area as a replacement for in-person consultation.


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The Patient Education Library

Review our Extensive library for more information about specific medical conditions and treatments.