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Top Sports Medicine Specialists in Michigan

Don’t let injuries or illness keep you from being active. At Mendelson Kornblum Orthopedics, our sports medicine specialists help patients across Michigan stay healthy, recover from injuries, and enhance athletic performance. Sports medicine physicians may also serve as team physicians at the youth, amateur, and professional levels.

At Mendelson Kornblum, our sports medicine specialists provide comprehensive medical care to patients throughout Wayne and Macomb County, including:

  • Athletes
  • Sports Teams
  • Active individuals who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What Is a Sports Medicine Specialist?

A sports medicine specialist is a healthcare professional with specialized training in sports medicine. This training equips them with a unique skill set focused on treating and preventing illness and injuries related to sports and physical activity. Sports medicine providers are dedicated to optimizing the health and performance of athletes and active individuals, playing a pivotal role in the overall well-being of their patients.

Sports medicine physicians offer comprehensive medical care that goes beyond treating acute injuries. They are trained to address various health issues specific to athletes and active individuals, including musculoskeletal injuries, nutrition, exercise physiology, and overall performance enhancement. Their goal is not only to treat existing conditions but also to provide guidance on preventing injuries and promoting long-term health.


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Which Musculoskeletal Conditions do Sports Medicine Physicians Treat?

Our sports medicine physicians employ a comprehensive and specialized approach to diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions related to physical activity and sports. Our goal is to address immediate concerns, prevent future injuries, and enhance overall athletic performance.


Our sports medicine doctors treat:

Acute Injuries

Ankle Sprains

Muscle Sprains

Knee Injuries

Shoulder Injuries


Overuse Injuries

Rotator Cuff


Stress Fractures

Our Approach to Treatment in Sports Medicine

Our sports injury specialists develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient based on factors such as the injury, medical history, goals for recovery, and personal needs. Treatment may involve a combination of treatment modalities such as physical therapy exercises, manual techniques, pain management, bracing, injections, or surgery when appropriate. Our focus is on helping people heal properly, restore function, prevent re-injury, and safely return to sports activities.

Non-Surgical Interventions

For certain sports-related injuries, our sports medicine physicians emphasize non-surgical interventions, including anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, braces, and the implementation of the R.I.C.E. protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

We collaborate closely with physical therapists to design individualized rehabilitation programs focused on improving strength, flexibility, and functionality, aiding recovery and injury prevention.

Interventional Procedures

Certain conditions may benefit from interventional procedures, such as corticosteroid injections, to help manage pain and inflammation.

When surgical intervention is necessary, our sports medicine orthopedic surgeons will develop a tailored care plan, educate you on your options, and provide relief so you can resume your active lifestyle.

A Sports Medicine Physician’s Training

Sports medicine physicians undergo rigorous training to ensure they are well-equipped to address the unique healthcare needs of athletes and active individuals. The required training includes:

  • Orthopedic Surgery Residency
  • Sports Medicine Fellowship
  • Participation in continuing medical education activities
  • Re-certification via re-examination every 10 years
  • Serving as a leader of their Sports Medicine team, which could include specialty physicians and surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, other personnel, and the athlete

Find an Orthopedic Sports Surgeon in Michigan

Ben Mayo, MD leads our Sports Medicine department. He is an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon with specialized training in the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Mayo today!

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FAQs About Sports Medicine Physicians

Absolutely not! Sports Medicine Physicians are suited to provide comprehensive medical care for the non-athlete as well. They are excellent resources for the individual who wishes to become active or begin an exercise program.

Even if you’re a “weekend warrior” or “adult recreational league athlete” who experiences an injury, the same expertise used for the competitive athlete can be applied to return the individual as quickly as possible to full function.