“My experience began when I had pain in my hip. It just felt like I slept on it wrong. To say it hurt was an understatement. My colleagues jokingly called me ‘peg leg.’ I had a battery of tests performed by my primary physician and then decided to schedule an appointment with an orthopedist.

Sherril Lefforge

I happened to know the Mendelson physicians from when my mother broke her hip. So I set up an appointment with Alice Mendelson, MD, at St. Mary Mercy.

I had my hip replacement surgery in June 2009. Through the joint replacement program, I continued my exercises and it made such a difference. If you do what they ask in the program, you will be in good shape. I even danced with Stephen Mendelson, MD! And now I can walk straight again. I eventually had my second hip replaced in November 2009. Now when I see limping colleagues, I recommend the program to them.

I just wanted to be able to walk straight again and now I can. I can’t cartwheel, but I’m tempted!