Our e-prescribe workflow:

Provider’s securely log into our EMR using two-factor authentication validating their credentials.

During an encounter with a patient the provider will:

  1. Determine any medications deemed necessary for the care of the patient.
  2. Use the EMR to place an order for the medications.
  3. Select medications from a list of commonly used medications or performs a full search through the e-prescriber database.
  4. Select dosage, amounts, refills, etc.
  5. Select the patient’s preferred pharmacy.
  6. Submit this prescription through the e-prescriber.
  7. If the medication is a controlled substance, then an additional security step will take place to confirm their identity/certification.

In all use cases the provider will have the option to select their preferred medication, and the patient be given the choice of pharmacy. We allow for “Favorited” drugs that the provider commonly prescribes, and for patients to have a preferred pharmacy (for ease of selection) but the patient can request another pharmacy at any time.


**We do not have any connections to pharmacies and/or to the pharmaceutical industry. 


Our business model:

Synergy Health Partners is an MSO, performing business to business marketing and recruitment. All Practices under the MSO conduct business to patient marketing and medicine.


Our customers:

Synergy Health Partners: Business to business practice and physician recruitment.
Mendelson Kornblum/Synergy Health Partners Physical Therapy/Synergy Health Partners Imaging Center/Synergy Health Partners Orthopedic Urgent Care: Males/Females aged 12 – 80 living within Southeast Michigan