Anterior Hip Replacement Approach

A Muscle Sparing Hip Procedure

When performing an Anterior Hip Replacement, Dr. Stephen Mendelson utilizes a smaller incision than with traditional hip replacement surgery and has the ability to work between the leg muscles without detaching them from the thigh bones. This procedure also allows Dr. Mendelson to preserve the tissue that keeps your joint tight, which reduces the risk of dislocation after surgery. Dislocation is when your hip comes out of the socket. While every patient’s experience may differ, the Anterior Supine Hip Procedure is designed to provide a number of benefits:

  • Accelerated recovery time and reduced pain, due to the minimal trauma to muscles, tendons and nerves
  • Reduced scarring from the use of a smaller incision than with traditional total hip replacement
  • More rapid stability of the hip, because the muscles are not disrupted during the procedure
  • Possible accelerated recovery time because key muscles are not detached during the operation

Not everyone is a patient is a candidate for anterior approached; however, we encourage you to talk with your surgeon about the safest and most successful experience.


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