PMR & PT Unite to Treat Lower Back Pain

Our physical therapists and pain management physicians are working together to better identify and treat lower back pain (LBP) caused by Sacoiliitis or SI joint pain.


Call our office today to help relieve your lower back pain!

Call our office today to help relieve your lower back pain!

The SI joint is located where your lower back connects to the pelvis. It causes LBP in 8-15% of our patients, but it is difficult to identify as the source with a traditional clinical exam, X-ray, or even an MRI. As a result, the care received may not be specific enough to eliminate the LBP.

Our pain management physicians have been successful at determining the source of LBP pain by using a specialized clinical exam combined with a set of diagnostic injections. If the SI joint is found to be the underlying cause, the patient is referred to a select member of our Physical Therapy department. Based on the doctor’s findings, the physical therapist starts treatment following a protocol specifically designed to treat the SI joint.

This program includes:

1. SI provocation tests to establish a baseline

2. SI adjustments

3. SI belt application

4. Muscle rebalancing

5. Core and pelvic floor strengthening

6. Lower extremity ROM review

7. Myofascial release to restore muscle flexibility

8. Biomechanics lifting techniques


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