Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN)

TN is a chronic, neuropathic pain condition with unilateral, brief episodes (a few seconds to a few minutes) of intense, sharp, and stabbing pain. The trigeminal nerve attaches to the brain, and has three branches that extend to the lower, middle, and upper part of the face. More than one nerve branch can be affected by the disorder. Medication, nerve blocks, and injections may help relieve pain.

How Does a Nerve Block Help Pain?
By injecting a numbing substance in or around a nerve or the spine, the pain signal between the nerve and the brain is interrupted, therefore causing the sensation of pain to be reduced or eliminated. A nerve block may be used to:

  • Determine the source of pain
  • Treat painful conditions
  • Predict how pain will respond to long-term treatments
  • Relieve pain in the short-term after a surgery or other type of procedures

If drugs or other treatments do not help control chronic pain or cause side effects, a nerve block can be effective in controlling pain. A local anesthetic may be used to perform a test block. If pain relief is experienced, the nerve block can be repeated or the nerve can be ablated (thermally or chemically) depending on the location.


Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Our highly experienced and regarded orthopedic surgeons specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that affect bones, joints, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and nerves of the extremities and spine. They are proud to be affiliated with both St. Mary Mercy Hospital and St. John Macomb Hospital..

Back, Neck & Spine

You’ll have the advantage of the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures in back and neck pain. A team approach to your spinal problems may include physical therapy, medication, exercise, weight loss and therapeutic spinal injections. Additionally, we offer the area’s best orthopedic spine surgeons for repair or reconstruction of structural disorders.

Pain Management

The pain management / physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians at Mendelson Kornblum have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge regarding pain-relieving techniques and treatments. Areas of specialty include back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, pinched nerves, post-surgical pain, cancer-related pain, musculoskeletal injuries, and rehabilitation for back and neck injuries. If you have acute or chronic pain that affects your mobility and ability to function, Mendelson Kornblum Orthopedics can help restore your quality of life.

Physical Therapy

Our rehabilitation approach complements your surgeon’s intervention with continual sharing of diagnostic information that can help promote a speedy recovery. In addition, due to our exclusive dedication to orthopedic conditions, we have developed many techniques that can significantly reduce the amount of pain during your rehabilitation.