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Painful hips are no laughing matter. After all, hips are the largest ball-and-socket joint, designed to stabilize and support the weight of the entire body. So when hips are hampered by arthritis or other problems, it can be hard to have a good day or a restful night. Fortunately, with today’s range of treatment options, there is help for hips in need!

The doctors at Mendelson Kornblum Orthopedics & Spine are highly experienced at diagnosing and treating the full range of orthopedic hip pain and conditions.

When you experience hip pain, either from a hip injury or hip arthritis, you need the attention of our board-certified doctors who understand the multitude of conditions that may arise. Our orthopedic doctors will diagnose your hip condition and prescribe an effective treatment to help you become pain-free and resume your daily activities.

Common conditions we treat include:

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50 years of Experience

Why Choose Our Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeons?

Our orthopedic surgeons are board certified and fellowship trained. We have been proud to offer peace of mind to our communities for over 50 years, knowing our team is providing the best care for you.

Hip pain can severely limit your mobility and movement. At Mendelson Kornblum Orthopedics & Spine, our goal is to help you become pain free and resume your life as it was before the pain began.

The Mendelson Kornblum Difference

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For more than 40 years, patients have relied on Mendelson Orthopedics for the successful treatment of their bone and joint conditions. It is our long-standing and continued commitment to exceptional patient care that has earned Mendelson Kornblum a reputation for reliability, experience, and superb results. Because we hold ourselves to high standards, our patients can be confident that they are receiving the highest level of care.

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Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Our highly experienced and regarded orthopedic surgeons specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that affect bones, joints, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and nerves of the extremities and spine. They are proud to be affiliated with both St. Mary Mercy Hospital and St. John Macomb Hospital..

Back, Neck & Spine

You’ll have the advantage of the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures in back and neck pain. A team approach to your spinal problems may include physical therapy, medication, exercise, weight loss and therapeutic spinal injections. Additionally, we offer the area’s best orthopedic spine surgeons for repair or reconstruction of structural disorders.

Pain Management

The pain management / physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians at Mendelson Kornblum have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge regarding pain-relieving techniques and treatments. Areas of specialty include back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, pinched nerves, post-surgical pain, cancer-related pain, musculoskeletal injuries, and rehabilitation for back and neck injuries. If you have acute or chronic pain that affects your mobility and ability to function, Mendelson Kornblum Orthopedics can help restore your quality of life.

Physical Therapy

Our rehabilitation approach complements your surgeon’s intervention with continual sharing of diagnostic information that can help promote a speedy recovery. In addition, due to our exclusive dedication to orthopedic conditions, we have developed many techniques that can significantly reduce the amount of pain during your rehabilitation.