Hand injuries: Most common symptoms and how they occur

Nagging hand injuries are a physical malady that can easily add to or create mental stress that a person experiences every day.

Take a second to stop and think about navigating your day without full and pain-free use of your fingers, hands and wrists, and then imagine how anything from minor discomfort to significant suffering would impact what you do.

A body’s red flags

Hand injuries present many common symptoms with the most often cited being a physical pain, but there are many other ways that treatable conditions manifest. Here are some warning signs that require attention:

· Swelling

· Discoloration

· Numbness

· Burning

· Stinging

· Unexplained stiffness

When these issues last more than two or three days and are unresolved with rest and over-the-counter medication, it’s time to consult a specialist.

How you get hurt

Our expert medical staff treats hand injuries daily and has found the wounds are most often suffered through normal daily activities that can then be exacerbated by overuse. Here are four common times patients suffer injuries to their hands, fingers or wrists:

· Sports or recreational activities.

· Career-related duties.

· Work projects around the home.

· Accidental falls.

When you’re in need of assessment, diagnosis and treatment for hand injuries, see a Mendelson Kornblum specialist for a complete evaluation and understanding of what is causing you trouble.

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