Physical Therapist Technician

Status: Contingent/Part time.

Location: Warren and Livonia, Mi

Job description: Join our team as a physical therapy technician and take advantage of an unparalleled educational opportunity to learn about rehabilitation and pave the way towards a career in the medical field by gaining experience and exposure to the field.

Over the past two decades we have focused on hiring engaged and motivated students for this position. We prefer candidates with the desire to gain experience in the medial field to eventually be accepted in a university or professional program of their choice. Many of them have been successful in this endeavor and some of them now work for us as licensed therapists, X-ray technicians or licensed assistants. We can proudly say that we helped a long list of professional get started at MKOSS including: MD, DO, PT, OT, Speech Therapist, COTA and many more. If you feel this description fits you apply right now.

We are looking for staff to assist our physical therapists with:

  • Checking patients in/out of our electronic documentation system
  • Setting up patients on modalities like: electric stimulation, ultrasound, hot/colds packs and mechanical traction.
  • Helping the patient get started on exercise equipment
  • Assisting the clinicians with documentation reviews
  • Scheduling patient and accepting co-payments
  • Laundry


Required Certifications, Registration or Licensure: None

Minimum Knowledge and Education: High School Diploma or equivalent.

Minimum Work Experience: None

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